Secure your

Our products offer a discrete and aesthetically pleasing solution to the ever-growing parcel theft problem.

Discrete & Easy To Use

Our products look good alongside your home and don’t attract attention. Just leave your bench/chair unlocked and the courier will place and lock your parcel safely inside.

Keyless Lock System

Using a keyless deadbolt lock, you can count on the security that Parcel Secure procucts provide. Our lock requires zero batteries, is weather resistant, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Multiple Deliveries

With ample storage space and a unique keypad code, you can lock away multiple deliveries throughout the day. Simply include the code with your online delivery instructions!

Online Shopping

1 out of 4 online shoppers have experienced package theft. Parcel Secure products keep your parcels safe from the ever-growing problem of porch pirates!

Secure Storage

The courier simply opens the door, places your package inside, and engages the deadbolt. If you have multiple deliveries arriving the same day, notify the courier of the code when placing your order.

Parcel Secure Products

There is nothing on the market that compares to Parcel Secure products when it comes to securing your deliveries. Our Bench and Chair offer a discrete and aesthetically pleasing solution to the ever-growing parcel theft problem. Your very own concierge.

Sold out

Sold out

Our Guarantee

We're incredibly proud of our craftmanship. We offer a lifetime warranty on our lock and a 1 year warranty on everything else!

Secure Your Deliveries

Find peace of mind knowing that your parcels will be locked away safely until you return home from your busy day.

Save Money

Save thousands of dollars on stolen parcels, delivery insurance, and much more. Our products pay for themselves.

Save Time

No longer rush home or tie up your schedule to deal with deliveries. Just the straight bliss of opening that new package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to pass the code along?

No, you can simply leave the bench or chair unlocked and the courier will place and lock the parcel inside. After returning home, you would enter the code to retrieve your parcel.

Can I reset my code?

Yes, the code is set from the factory but you have the ability to reset the lock code.

What if someone takes the bench or chair?

Our products are discrete and blend in with their surroundings. At first glance anyone walking by would only notice a beautifully crafted bench or chair. Given our products are made of hardwood, they're actually quite heavy. Furthermore, you also have the option of bolting the item down or leashing it to a nearby structure.