About Our Products

It’s a sunny afternoon and you’ve been eager to receive your online delivery now for a few days. The notification comes in that your package is scheduled to show up and you’re frothing from the excitement. The anticipation is over. Finally! But wait… you arrive home to realize your package is nowhere to be found… somebody stole it.

With so many people being targeted by porch pirates these days, including ourselves, we started looking into possible solutions to secure our online deliveries. After researching the market for potential products, we realized there wasn’t much out there that didn’t look like an old fridge or garbage bin on your front porch. Compromising curb appeal while securing our valuables was just not an option.

So we designed our products to not only enhance curb appeal but to also serve a purpose as both functional furniture and your own personal concierge (securing your deliveries with an out-of-sight, out-of-mind methodology). More products coming soon!

Never Worry About a Delivery Again

Our Bench and Chair offer a discrete and aesthetically pleasing solution to the ever-growing parcel theft problem.